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LP60 1955 Dennis F8 Fire Engine body / roof    
West Sussex yellow, black 100
Nutwood red, black Rupert box
North Riding red, black Heartbeat box
Weathersfield red, black Coronation St Box
London red, red Londons Burning box
Peterborough Volunteers red, black 1010
FSPG red, black 1000
Sheffield red, black 525
Kent red, red 1000
Smethwick red, black 1000
Coventry yellow, black 1000
HM Dockyard red, red 2500
Essex (set) red, white  
Fire Service College red, black 500 no cert
Somerset red, black 1000
London red/silver, black Londons Burning box
Duxford (set) red, black  
City of Lincoln red, black no cert
Irish red, black Shamrock box
New Zealand red, black


These items are part of a personal collection and are not for sale.