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SP12 1934 fire engine Body / chassis notes  
Burton Delingpole brown, white  
Chelmsford red, red  
LCC red, black  
NFS grey, grey  
Borough Green and District red, white  
Chivers red, red special box
Cleethorpes red, black Limited 550
Manchester Square red, black Limited 500
Coventry red, red Limited 1000
NFS grey, grey Dads Army box
Refinery red, black Chevron base
GWR brown, white special box
Boston red, red Fantastic set o wheels thick mudguards
Boston red, red Fantastic set o wheels thin mudguards
London Fire Brigade red, black Londons Burning box
Sheffield Division Street red, black  
Sheffield west bar red, red ltd 100 code 3
Sheffield red, red Limited 525
City of Sheffield maroon Limited 525
Plain red, white Edocar
Mansfield red, red Limited 525
Enfield and District red, black  
KLM (set) blue, black From KLM 3 piece set
Hertfordshire red, black Limited 1000
LCC grey, grey Goodnight Sweetheart box
Cambridge borough police red, black Limited 144 Code 3
Days Gone Collectors Club 1997 gold, black  
Kent red, black Limited 200
Snodland Town Council red, black Limited 500
Crowborough green, black Limited 1000
Chesterfield red, red ltd 100 code 3
Heddington Steam Rally red, white Code 3
Surrey red, black  
Essex (set)   From 3 piece set
Warrington red, black  
London Blackwall red, grey Londons Burning box
East Sussex Crowborough red, black Limited 1000
Warrington red, black Persil box
Devon (set) red, black unboxed
Guildford Green, green  
James Walker Maroon, black  
Utrechtse Brandweer red, black  
Coromandel Fire Brigade Red, black  
Norfolk Fire Service red, black  
LCC Magnesium Tonil Kapsein      
Beauleau red, black  
Sandringham red, black Pro Motors box
Wakefield red, black  
Balclutha Fire Br. New Zealand      


These items are part of a personal collection and are not for sale.