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Limited Edition No
SP6 Model T
Sheffield 525
Berkshire and Reading 1000
Sheffield 108
Nottinghamshire 525
SP11 Horse Drawn Van
Sheffield 525
LP 13 Model A Van
Nottinghamshire 1120
LP 16 Dennis Parcel Van
NFS red 500
NFS grey 500
AFS green 500
SP17 Bus
NFS 525
LP 35 Dennis Limo
LCC Londons Burning Box
Isle of Wight
City of Coventry 650
LP 43 Morris Van
Sheffield 525
LP44 Scammell lorry
Nottinghamshire fire
LP 47 Austin Taxi
Blue AFS 1000
LP 57 Ford Tanker
LCC Londons Burning Box
LP 59 Bedford 30 cwt Truck  
LCC Londons Burning Box
DG 65 Morris Traveller
LCC Londons Burning
SP70 1939 ford canvas back lorry
Auxiliary fire service- hose layer 518
SP79 Ford Fire Engine
McKinney 500
New Zealand 580
Standard oil Chevron
Route 66
Texaco special box
HR3002 Harrods
Dennis anniversary set
kent fire brigade 
Ford transit    
Blackwall Londons burning
LP50 Bull Nose Morris Van
LP27 Breakdown truck    
Blackwall   Londons burning
LP70 Ford Canvas Back Lorry

Massy Shaw Fire Support
LP30 Chevrolet Panel Van
FDNY 550


These items are part of a personal collection and are not for sale.