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DG12 1934 Dennis Fire Engine body notes  
0 Luckhurst red ladder tab
Luckhurst red thick mudguards no base ridge
Luckhurst red Red mudguards
Luckhurst red  
Luckhurst red thin mudguards no base ridge
1 Cardiff red  
3 Bermuda blue  
Bermuda blue  
Bermuda blue  
4 LCC red brown ladder wheels  
LCC red  
5 Chelmsford red green wheels
  Chelmsford red green wheels brass rad thick mudguards
Chelmsford red green wheels silver rad 
Chelmsford red black wheels
6 Auxillary green  
Auxillary green fina box
Auxillary green no silver on badge
7 Essex red  
8 Ware red  
9 Windsor red special box
Windsor red lledo wheels
10 Glasgow red  
11 Boston red  
Boston red  
12 Birmingham red  
13 Bradford red  
14 Hershey red special box
14 Hershey red special box
15 Manchester red  
16 West Ham red  
17 Valleta (set)    
18 Hamleys red Hamleys box
Hamleys red Hamleys box different
Hamleys red Different box, silver wheels
19 London    
21 Hull Police red  
23 Guildford      
24 London Fire Brigade red  
25 Devon red  


These items are part of a personal collection and are not for sale.